Eat Camino #6: Lupita's Taqueria + Blurr Kitchen

It’s another Mexican and Vietnamese food combo edition! We chat about our pilgrimage to Del Taco #1 in Barstow, poaching pears, date shakes, new Bonchon flavors and Tyson’s pizza flavored chicken nuggets.

Restaurant: Lupita’s Taqueria

Distance travelled: 0.5 miles

Ordered: Enchiladas de mole (Enmoladas) with chicken. Four tacos (al pastor, carnitas, lengua, and carne asada).

Bell Rating: Dan 300 bells | Jackie 375 bells

Restaurant: Blurr Kitchen

Distance travelled: 0.3 miles

Ordered: Crispy spring rolls. Roasted pork banh mi with garlic fries. Meal plan with spicy beef and pork, eggplant, cauliflower, and garlic noodles.

Bell Rating: Dan 420 bells | Jackie 400 bells

Show notes: