Eat Camino #17: ShaQ + Teaspoon

Restaurant: ShaQ

Distance travelled: 0.2 miles from El Camino Mongolian BBQ

Ordered: Chicken Tikka Masala platter and Half and Half platter (Chicken shawarma on rice and fries)

Bell Rating: we forgot to rate :(

Restaurant: Teaspoon

Distance travelled: 0 miles from ShaQ

Ordered: Liquid Gold - Honey oolong with cream

Bell Rating: we forgot to rate :(

Progress: 3.2 miles and 23 restaurants

Show Notes:

Eat Camino #16: El Camino Mongolian BBQ

Restaurant: El Camino Mongolian BBQ

Distance travelled: 0.3 miles

Bell Rating: 387 bells Dan | 380 bells Jackie

Progress: Travelled 3.4 miles and 19 restaurants

Show Notes:

Eat Camino #15: Jang Mo Jip

Restaurant: Jang Mo Jip

Distance travelled: 0.2 miles

Ordered: Gamja-Tang (Pork bone potato soup) and LA Galbi (Marinated beef short ribs served on a hot stone plate)

Bell Rating: 462 bells Dan | 440 bells Jackie

Progress: Travelled 2.8 miles and 18 restaurants

Eat Camino #14: Real Ice Cream

Restaurant: Real Ice Cream

Distance travelled: 50 feet

Total distance travelled along El Camino Real: 2.7 miles

Ordered: Tutti Frutti and Rose Ice Cream

Bell rating: Jackie & Dan 400

Also went to Kabila Sweets and Big Mug Coffee

Show Notes:

Eat Camino #13: Garlic Mediterranean Grill

Restaurant: Garlic Mediterranean Grill

Distance travelled: 0.3 miles

Total Distance travelled along El Camino Real: 2.7 miles

Ordered: Lamb and Beef Doner Plate and Appetizer Combo Plate (Salad, hummus, babaghanoush, eggplant salad, dolmas, and falafels)

Bell Rating: Dan & Jackie 480

Show Notes:

Eat Camino #12: K-Star Doshirak

We dine like Korean stars this week! Now we know what it feels like to be 유재석(Yoo Jae-Suk) or 유선(Yoo Sun)!

Restaurant: K-Star Doshirak

Distance travelled: 700 ft

Ordered: Beef Doshirak, Pork Doshirak, Egg Rolls

Bell Rating: Dan 480 | Jackie 470

Eat Camino #11: Maiwand Kabob House

Dan finally gets kabobs!

Restaurant: Maiwand Kabob House

Distance travelled: 0.2 miles


Bell Rating: Dan 438 bells | Jackie 375 bells

Show Notes:

Philadelphia Strawberry Cheesecake Snack Bar | TV commercial from October 16, 2000.

Eat Camino #10: Fugetsu

Come join us as we talk about about Fugetsu, whack cereal, and cookies! If you haven’t tried Okonomiyaki, give it a go at home. It’s relatively simple and healthy - cabbage, meat, and egg!

Restaurant: Fugetsu

Distance travelled: 0 ft

Ordered: Corn butter, Edamame, Fugetsuyaki, Cheetama Pork Modan, Gyuniku Negi-Tama

Bell Rating: Dan 425 bells | Jackie 420 bells

Show Notes: