We're married!

MAY 25, 2018 / Sacramento / california


Our Story

Love at First Cocktail

Jackie Correa and Dan Bach met while working at Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine. After bonding over coffee and cocktails, we started dating. Five years later, we're each others' best friends, true loves, and badass partners in life.

We made it official at Beatnik Studios on May 25, 2018 with the greatest of friends and family! Now we’re using this site as a love letter to you, sharing our photos of the whirlwind experience and our married life adventures.

❤️ Jackie + Dan Bach


Eat Camino


Jackie and Dan eat at some restaurants up and down El Camino Real in the Bay Area to fill in the missing areas of their mental map. Hilarity ensues.

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married Life

Sharing our adventures in married life! And food. Lots and lots of food.



Wedding Photos

Our photographer Ashley Harp did the most excellent job capturing the color and vibrancy of our wedding! She was absolutely perfect for the job.

jackiedan snapboxsf.png


We had the most excellent photo booth, Snapbox by Rikki! He’s the best! And we are now fortunate to count him as a friend.


Our love has taken us from Irvine to San Jose, so it was only appropriate to have both Northern California and Southern California photos. Thankfully we have two fantastic photographer friends in both locations 😉 Andrew Robles and Ana-Alicia Fierro, thank you for taking these beautiful photos!